Roof Cleaning

roof cleaning
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We can assist you with any roof cleaning requirements you may have in respect of your property.We can remove all types of staining from your roof, including algae, moss, lichen, traffic fumes and even bird droppings, ensuring we produce a great finish every time that leaves you with a roof that looks pristine
Don't let moss growth catch you out and cost you a fortune!

Moss is a plant that grows naturally on more or less any surface, including roofs. It produces tiny spores that become air-borne and land on their targeting surface. During the cool and moist months, these spores grow into moss, which soaks up the water like a sponge preventing it from running off the roof and into the gutters, therefore sitting on your roof, against your tiles resulting in damage 
to your home and roof both internally and externally.
We restore many moss covered roofs back to their former glory both cosmetically and functionally.​ 
The cost of roof cleaning is considerably cheaper than replacing your roof, which will be needed if you ignore moss, algae and lichen growth.
When moss grows on a roof surface you will find it will be more severe on the areas of the roof that are shaded and exposed to periodically damp cool weather conditions.
When shade and cool moist conditions combine, moss, algae and lichens grow much faster. If moss is sat on a roof over a period of time it will be absorbing moisture, when the really cold months hit, the moisture will expand and freeze which will then crack roof tiles as it shrinks back down when it thaws out again. Moss is much more than just a cosmetic issue, don't leave it.
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